Battling Ebola in Liberia

Every day people continue to die in Liberia. The toll in West Africa has now passed 7,000 – unimaginable suffering and loss.

Yet in the midst of this epidemic is growing hope. Businesses have started to re-open. The rate of infection is dropping at the same time that chances of survival are increasing. Quarantines have been lifted from Ebola ravaged villages and people can once again start to focus on living.

The crisis is far from over. But this news is encouraging indeed for the Lifewater Liberia workers who have continued to venture out over the past months drilling wells in many communities desperate for safe drinking water.

It is inspiring to hear first-hand accounts from recipient villages. Stories like that shared by Tuad Blackie, a resident of Central Zayzay community. He told Lifewater workers about the bitter experience the community encountered as a result of Ebola outbreak. But he then expressed confidence that the Lifewater health and hygiene workshop and new well put the people of his community is a better position to join in the fight against this deadly virus called Ebola and many other common diseases that has affected the people of his community.


While the Liberian workers been busy saving lives, drilling supplies have not been moving. The movement of containers into Liberia has slowed dramatically, and normal freight shipping options are not available. As a result, the team needs drill bits, polymer powder to make the fluids they need to drill, pumps to finish wells, and parts to maintain their drill rigs.

An opportunity has just come up to get supplies into a Liberia-bound container, and we have rush ordered 7 skids worth of items that they need. The cost of these items is about $30,000 – far more than the Liberian team can afford. But without these items, children will continue drinking contaminated water and get sick.

With your support, Ebola can be beaten and the children of Liberia can grow to become healthy, productive adults helping their nation rebuild after decades of civil war. I am truly grateful to you all for being a part of this.

Lynda Gehrels
Lifewater Volunteer

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