Lifewater’s September Update 2014

September 2014 Monthly Update
By Jimmy G | Published: Sept 30, 2014 | Edit

This month we drilled 10 wells and repairing 110 broken handpumps!

September 2014 Quick Look
• Many new projects completed but Ebola outbreaks escalate!
• 7 Step Approach # 4 – Importance of community participation in Projects
• Touching Thank you from Gold Camp, Liberia

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Productive month for the Teams!

Because of your support, a total of 10 wells were drilled and 111 pumps were repaired this past month! That is new safe water for 4,000 people and water flowing again for tens of thousands of children and their families. Thanks so much!

September 22nd marked a day to rejoice in Nigeria as it celebrated 22 days free of any new Ebola cases. Your prayers and concern for our African friends is greatly appreciated.

Liberia however is staggering under the weight of this pandemic. The overwhelmed medical system, staggering death tolls, the decline of Liberia’s economy and the panic of the general populace makes it ripe for civil war. Our Liberian team is doing its best to teach and to provide safe water to those in need but travel is becoming difficult as more and more areas are being quarantined. In spite of these hardships your gifts have enabled numerous health workshops to be held, 5 wells to be drilled and 10 village wells to be repaired. Thank you!

The Haiti compound is ready for its well to be drilled, the septic field laid and a cement wall fence to be built. The cable too rig that has been donated to this team is in the container and on route. Even with all that’s going on, this team was able to drill 5 new wells and repair 101 handpumps. Our thanks goes out to those who have supported this work as well as to the 2 volunteers who have just arrived to work with this team until Christmas.

For anyone wishing to support these struggling nations you can direct your donation to one of these specific countries, or give a general donation! Just follow these links to make a difference and save a life:
Just follow these links to make a difference and save a life:

Mail a cheque

There are several villages that are still waiting for a sponsor for their water project.
Click Here to see the wells and old water sources and to read letters from the villagers

Thanks for your consideration and support!.

Fun Facts: 7 Step Approach
We use a 7-step approach to ensure success. There are more details about each step on our website!
1. We focus on keeping costs down

2. Simple technology is used

3. Local workers are trained

4. Village participation is Essential

  • For projects to be successful in the long-term, community members must be willing to work together, share food & shelter with the Lifewater team, and give time, energy, finances & resources towards the project.
  • A well Caretaker in placed in charge of the new project by the village leaders
  • The community decides when the pump should be locked and what the specific times the pump will be unlocked for all to draw water
  • Village participation in an annual maintenance program is encouraged

5. Workers build wells and washrooms
6. Donors make projects affordable
7. There is ongoing project follow-up

Gold Camp Community Thanks

This community, located in Bong County in the Kokoya District is a very large settlement. Gold Camp is a mining town and as such attracts lots of people which gives rise to commercial activities.

Our need for water had been a constant frustration, but it was made much worse when our only pump was destroyed as a result of the ongoing road construction process in March of this year. This situation led to huge number of our community having to drink form open dug wells and shallow creeks, which at the height of the dry season couldn’t meet the population’s needs and lead to many outbreaks of running stomach.

We also have very poor or no toileting facilities which further contaminates our drinking water. The issue of waste management has also added to the health problems of this growing community. We are hopeful that future projects to meet this pressing need will be forthcoming in the future.

Many thanks to everyone for the enormous support given to us in our time of need!

Village Elders
Gold Camp Community


Gold Camp photo-Sept update

This village has had 2 wells drilled and both need sponsors still … For your inquiries e-mail: Lynda

Thank You!

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