August 2014 Monthly Update

This month we drilled 13 wells and replaced 1 pump, while repairing 100 broken handpumps!

August 2014 Quick Look
•Many new projects completed!
•Ebola outbreak in West Africa

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Productive month of August, despite the rains!
This was another busy month for our teams, with a total of 13 wells drilled, 2 pumps replaced and 100 pumps repaired!

Ebola has put Liberia and Nigeria in the lime light and not in a good way.. Please help us provide safe water to these countries and education to help combat fear and teach the signs and symptoms of this deadly disease and how it is spread. You can direct your donation to one of these specific countries, or give a general donation!

Just follow these links to make a difference and save a life:
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In Haiti this month we drilled 4 wells and 100 pumps were restored to full function.

The Liberia team was able to drill 4 new wells

In Nigeria, 4 new wells were drilled this month, while 1 pump was replaced that were broken beyond repair.

Our Kenya Partner completed 1 new well at a large Secondary school.

Country Updates
Liberia – Ebola continues to sweep across this nation bringing death and fear as the country waits out the 21 day incubation period after the isolation clinic raid in a hugely populated slum area in West Point, Monrovia a couple of weeks ago. Please continue to pray that this nation finds relief from this virus and that our teams remain safe and able to continue drilling.

Nigeria – Once again violence has broken out where our teams are actively drilling. Tribal disputes over cattle is the cause of this upheaval. Our drill team works in this area and thankfully found refuge during the outbreak. They are now are back out drilling. Lesson material concerning Ebola which has been added to their hygiene workshop lessons.

Haiti – We have been able to purchase a container and the cable tool rig that has been donated to us is being packed up and hopefully will be shipped out this coming month. Faden has had a productive month back at work and is feeling much better.

Fun Facts: 7 Step Approach
We use a 7-step approach to ensure success. There are more details about each step on our website!

1. We focus on keeping costs down
2. Simple technology is used

3. Local workers are trained •Skilled volunteers make their way overseas to share their knowledge in areas such as Hydrogeology, Business Planning, Disease Transmission and Equipment Maintenance. Much one-on-one time is spent with Local team members to give the practical experience they need.
•Free access to a comprehensive yet simple drilling manual written by Lifewater Volunteers

4. Village participation is essential
5. Workers build wells and washrooms
6. Donors make projects affordable
7. There is ongoing project follow-up

How Popcorn turned into Water!
The Sioux Mountain Public School Grade 5/6 class decided to pop their way into co-sponsoring a new well in Haiti. Cite Pierrot village in Camp Louise, a large town of nearly 6000 people had only a couple of wells to supply their safe drinking water. This new source will give nearly 2000 people drinking water and all because this class sold popcorn at school over the course of last year and raised over $1300.

The Ice Bucket Challenge spills over to Lifewater!
Several folks have made donations towards providing safe drinking water for those in need rather than pouring it over their heads! Thank you so much!


Our condolences go out to Wim Feunekes on the passing of Feikje, his wife for over 60 years. Together Feikje and Wim have supported Lifewater since 2006 and countless people in Haiti, Liberia and Nigeria have been blessed with safe drinking water because of their generosity. We are grateful to all who have chosen to honor Feikje’s memory with their gifts to Lifewater.

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