Manitoba Kids Flood Liberia with Safe Water

Cara is a Lifewater volunteer who came to Liberia in 2013 with a group from her church, and has continued to be an ambassador for Lifewater since her return. Most recently, she worked with a group of kids to raise $1000 from family and friends for a new pump for a village in Liberia!

Elm Creek Mennonite Brethren Church Children Bring Safe Water

I left a large part of my heart in Liberia when I went there in 2013 and I know I’ll never be the same. Visiting those amazing people and seeing what kind of conditions they live in, spurs me to continue to fight the good fight for clean water for Liberia. I find myself motived to share my passion with others, especially our youth.

Cara with Liberian Child

Cara with Liberian Child

I just wanted to let you know how our Vacation Bible School (VBS) kids really latched onto the idea of raising money for clean water for other children. They even busted open piggy banks to bring in $10 so that another little boy/girl wouldn’t have to drink dirty water. I am so very proud of them. Unbelievably, they raised $1000!!!

My heart is full of love for these boys and girls who chose to give and help save rather than save their own money for I-pod or whatever else they were saving for. Just to give you an idea of how huge this amount of money is… typically during our VBS week we raise about $200-$300 for whatever cause we’ve chosen to support. So that these kids did what they did to raise $1000 blows my mind.

Cara and Jody with New Friends

Cara and Jody with New Friends

I can’t wait to show them the new well their efforts will help to sponsor!

Thank you so much for allowing us to fundraise for Lifewater Canada. Our kids and our leaders loved seeing pictures and videos of Liberia.

God Bless,

Cara Veldman

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