July 2014 Monthly Update

Kenya Drill Team

Kenya Drill Team

Lots of Projects Completed in July!

This was another busy month for our teams, with a total of 11 wells drilled, 4 pumps replaced and 75 pumps repaired!

We are always receiving new projects from our teams, and need donors to match to projects in order to keep them affordable. You can direct your donation to one of these specific projects, or give a general donation! To give to Lifewater to contribute to these or future needs:
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In Haiti this month we drilled 4 wells and replaced 1 pump that was broken beyond repair, while also repairing 66 pumps that could be fixed.

The Liberia team was able to drill 6 new wells, and repair 9 broken pumps.

In Nigeria, 1 community received a new well this month, while 3 pumps were replaced that were broken beyond repair.

Country Updates

Liberia – First off we give thanks that our Liberian team has not been affected by the Ebola Viral Outbreak, but the country itself has been hard hit. This outbreak which started in Guinea in March, has now spread to 4 West African Countries, killing an estimated 660 individuals. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has closed Liberian schools in areas where the virus is active and asked that markets in these areas also close. Flights into Liberia are being closely monitored and some airlines have suspended service until the situation has stabilized. Please pray that this nation finds relief from this virus and that our teams remain safe.

Nigeria – Despite bombings and attacks, our Nigeria team is still up country working. One of the drivers for the team lost several members of his immediate family in a violent outbreak in his home town while he was out drilling. The loss is devastating and yet he knows many more will suffer if he stops working with the team to provide safe drinking water to those in need.

Haiti – Our team here has been blessed with marvelous support to strength the team. Abe, who has spent several months working with the team mechanic and the drillers on the cable tool rig, is thinking of returning again in the fall for an extended period of time. This is wonderful news and any support for this would be greatly appreciated.

Kenya – Lifewater Kenya has been very busy, although we don’t have all the documentation yet, they have successfully drilled 2 village wells. The photo in this monthly update is of the Kenya team, drilling with a rig that has been working since the mid 1980’s and is still going strong with a new motor that a donor just recently sponsored. This team has a great routine maintenance standard that really extends their equipment’s lifespan.

Fun Facts: 7 Step Approach

We use a 7-step approach to ensure success. There are more details about each step on our website!

1. We focus on keeping costs down

2. Simple technology is used
We use LS-100 and LS-200 mud-rotary drill rigs, which are affordable, simple to operate, and can be transported in the back of a truck
To complete the wells, a simple positive displacement hand pump such as an Afridev is used because it is inexpensive and few tools are needed to repair it in the event of breakdown
Other simple equipment used includes water level meters, field test kits, mud pumps and GPS units

3. Local workers are trained
4. Village participation is essential
5. Workers build wells and washrooms
6. Donors make projects affordable
7. There is ongoing project follow-up

It’s Not All About Money

There are lots of creative ways to support Lifewater and your own community at the same time!

Lisa’s elderly friend needed her windows washed, but Lisa didn’t want to accept cash for doing it. Instead, they agreed that a donation would be given to Lifewater in Lisa’s honour, while Lisa donated her time for window washing.

Ian gave a presentation to members of his community, and instead of accepting a stipend, he asked that a donation be given to Lifewater.

A grade 5/6 class in Sioux Lookout held a series of fundraising events at their school over the past year, and raised money to contribute towards building a well – a total of over $1300!

Cara ran a Vacation Bible School at her church, and after telling the kids about her experience as a Lifewater volunteer overseas, the kids wanted to help! By pooling their piggy banks and asking their friends and neighbours to pitch in, they were able to raise enough for a pump replacement, which will save an entire community! Read more about it on our blog.

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