Kate’s Volunteer Reflection

We recently sent a team of volunteers to Haiti to work on maintaining the team’s equipment and drilling wells with the new cable rig tool. Amongst the volunteers was recent drilling program graduate Kate, from Ontario. After she got back, she wrote a reflection about her experience. Enjoy!

This was my first time traveling to an impoverished country. I have had a desire to go to Haiti since I first got saved eight years ago. Only recently did God open the doors for me to go. With completion of my diploma in Drilling and Blasting I was ready to start my career. However, on a trip to visit my Family I had the pleasure of being introduced to Lynda Gehrels; we discussed volunteer options and two weeks later I was on a plane heading down to Haiti!

I found my trip to be a rewarding and eye opening experience. Working on water wells in Haiti was so gratifying. At home I enjoy my work but it is still just a job; knowing these wells are so needed made it a joy to do the work. My first job was to help drill a well in a town called Limbe. The two Haitians I was working with were locals from Cap-Haitien; their names are Junior and Anil. The highlight for me about this well was who we were drilling the well for; a fellow mission group called A Drop of Love. With completion of this well the children and adults from the orphanage, school, and seniors’ home would have safe and clean water.

Drilling with local team

The second job I was assigned was to help develop a finished well in a village called Lorri. I was working with two other Haitians from the Lifewater team named Richard and Rony. I had an especially good time working on this well. While we were working the locals would gather and watch us. Though I had a hard time understanding them due to the fact I do not speak Creole; we still had a terrific time joking around. For me, socializing with the people was the most fulfilling experience. It goes to show that despite our cultural and ethnic difference we were able to enjoy each other’s company and get along.

New friends

One thing that was the very surprising to me was the overall attitude of the Haitians towards people doing missions and visiting from 1st world countries. I had assumed I would encounter bitterness and anger in various individuals; however, the opposite was true. I was treated with extreme respect and welcome. While I was there God just filled me with a love for the people. He reminded me that you don’t have to be glorified in man’s books to be important in His. Overall I had a great time and God willing plan on returning.

Kate Morse

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