June 2014 Monthly Update

Child Pumping Water

Child Pumping Water

Lots of Projects Completed in June!

This was another busy month for our teams, with a total of 13 wells drilled, 7 pumps replaced and 83 pumps repaired!

We are always receiving new projects from our teams, and need donors to match to projects in order to keep them affordable. You can direct your donation to one of these specific projects, or give a general donation! To give to Lifewater to contribute to these or future needs:
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In Haiti this month we drilled 2 wells and replaced 6 pumps that were broken beyond repair, while also repairing 77 pumps that could be fixed.

The Liberia team was able to drill 7 new wells, and repair 6 broken pumps, while replacing 1 pump that was broken beyond repair.

In Nigeria, 4 communities received new wells this month.

Country Updates

Nigeria – Our Nigerian team had a good month up in Northern Nigeria, where the need is more concentrated. One of the issues in this area is keeping the pump area free from livestock, since they tend to roam free. The solution is to build a fence with erect poles in the ground, that are spaced in such a way that people can pass through the poles, but animals cannot. This keeps the water safe and free from contamination.

Kenya – We didn’t get any new projects from Kenya this month, since they were focused on their other non-water projects. The organization in Kenya that we partner with also focuses on running orphanages, homes for the elderly, schooling, and so on, with Lifewater sponsoring their water well drilling program.

Haiti – This past month a group of volunteers went to Haiti; Les Babcock, who is a regular volunteer in Haiti, brought with him 3 mechanics from Alberta and Katie who recently finished a college drilling program in Ontario. They had a very successful month! They turned one of the trucks into a flat-bed to better accommodate the drilling equipment; Katie ran a series of pump tests to ensure usability and effectiveness; and they worked on drilling some wells with the Haitian team. A very encouraging trip, all around!

Liberia – Our Liberian team was very busy this month, completing 7 wells, a pump replacement and 6 pump repairs! Part of the reason for this efficiency is the rig rebuild that was accomplished during the volunteer trip a few months ago. This allows the team to accomplish their work much more quickly and thoroughly!

Fun Facts: 7 Step Approach

We use a 7-step approach to ensure success. There are more details about each step on our website!

1. We focus on keeping costs down
Lifewater Canada does the same work as other agencies in providing safe water, but at ONE-TENTH of the cost! How?

– Lifewater is powered by volunteers who work from home, which keeps our overhead extremely low
– We focus on low-cost technologies
– We empower local people to do the work; all our overseas teams are made up of locals
– We do the “Easy One’s First“; there is such an overwhelming amount of need. How do we choose where to drill? Our mantra is to do the easy ones first so that we can reach as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

2. Simple technology is used
3. Local workers are trained
4. Village participation is essential
5. Workers build wells and washrooms
6. Donors make projects affordable
7. There is ongoing project follow-up

Stories from Liberia

This past month, our Liberian team drilled a well at Revival Temple A.G. School, which started with twenty five children and quickly grew to over three hundred. This increase in growth also saw the increase in need for water for the children. Prior to the well being drilled, they would have to walk over a kilometer to town to fetch water; now the school has a pump right on its campus, so the children will have water when they need it.

The principal wrote the following letter of thanks:

“Dear management:

I write to extend heartfelt appreciation to your drilling team who has successfully planted a brand new pump on our campus. Your gift of water is indeed timely for our children whose number continues to grow by the years. The blessings of growth came along with this growing challenge of safe drinking water for the students and other usage on the campus.

It has always been our prayer to have benefit from such a blessing, and now that we’ve been touched by your entity we say a big thank you to you for making our dream a reality.

May God richly bless your organization.


Rev. Dr. Edward B. Tokpah, Principal”

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