May 2014 Monthly Update

Liberia 2011-236

More New Projects Completed in May!
This was another busy month for our teams, with a total of 9 wells drilled, 2 pumps replaced and 100 pumps repaired 100 pumps in Haiti & Liberia.

We are always receiving new projects from our teams, and need donors to match to projects in order to keep them affordable. You can direct your donation to one of these specific projects, or give a general donation! To give to Lifewater to contribute to these or future needs:
Mail a cheque

In Haiti this month we drilled 1 wells and replaced 2 pumps that were broken beyond repair, while also repairing 90 pumps that could be fixed.

The Liberia team was able to drill 4 new wells, and repair 10 broken pumps.

In Nigeria, 4 communities received new wells this month.

H20 for Life Charity Golf Tournament
The City of Barrie Water Operations Branch puts on a Charity Golf Tournament every year, and has been donating all proceeds to Lifewater since 2010! The Tournament is organized by Jason Giffen and Jeremy Van Leusen, who work hard to make this event happen.

The Tournament raises enough for new projects every year, which is such a wonderful way for the Water Department to give back! In 2013, they were able to provide a new well in Nigeria, a new well in Liberia, a pump replacement and a month of pump repairs in Haiti, and new equipment to the team in Haiti!

The next tournament is happening in Horseshoe Valley on June 21st, with tee-off at 8am. Jim and Lynda will be making a presentation about Lifewater during the banquet portion in the evening. If you’re interested in participating in this event, contact Lynda at info @ lifewater . ca for more information!

Country Updates
Nigeria – The violence in Nigeria continues to be a big area of concern for our team, but they are taking necessary precautions to ensure their safety. They are still dedicated to the important work of providing clean water, since this helps to restore peace in tumultuous times.

Kenya – The Kenyan team has been working hard to continue implementing the lessons taught during the recent volunteer trip, including both mechanical upgrades and lessons, and office management tutorials.

Haiti – Our team in Haiti is doing well! After Abram Heinrich recently returned to Canada after several months in-country, Les Babcock will be traveling to Haiti in a few days with a team of welders. They will be focusing on drilling wells with our cable rig, and on working on the upkeep of our equipment. Buying land for a compound remains an ongoing issue that we are actively working on, and it will be helpful to have Les in-country for a few weeks to ensure things continue to progress.

Liberia – Our Liberian team is getting lots done, after some administrative updates that should allow them to work more efficiently. One of their projects in Weldeh Town still needs a sponsor! This well provides clean water to the 800 people that live in this community, where previously they drank from a river that passes through their village.

Fun Facts: 7 Step Approach
We use a 7-step approach to ensure success. There are more details about each step on our website!
1.We focus on keeping costs down
2.Simple technology is used
3.Local workers are trained
4.Village participation is essential
5.Workers build wells and washrooms
6.Donors make projects affordable
7.There is ongoing project follow-up

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